Hotel, Restaurant or Spa City, Province


Sultan Ahmad Shah State Mosque : Pahang, Malaysia

Masjid Sultan Ahmad Shah, the State Mosque of Pahang, Malaysia is inspired by Ottoman-Moorish style architecture, the largest dome is in the center of four rocket-shaped minarets and four smaller […]


Gunung Tahan : Pahang,, Malaysia

Gunung Tahan is the highest peak Peninsular Malaysia (2,187m). If you have enough courage to ascend and descend mountains, cross over rivers, long distance trekking and camp for days. This […]


Genting Highlands : Pahang, Malaysia

Genting Highlands is an integrated resort development comprising hotels, casinos and a theme park in Pahang, perched on the peak of Gunung Ulu Kali at 1,800 meters high. Nestled near […]


Chini Lake : Pahang, Malaysia

Located about 85 kilometres from Kuantan, Lake Chini is Malaysia‘s second biggest natural freshwater lake, with an area of 12.565 acres; Lake Chini consists of 13 interconnecting water bodies, each […]


Bera Lake : Pahang, Malaysia

Bera Lake is located in the central lowlands of Peninsular Malaysia. It lies within the Pahang River catchments area. The wetland consists of a complex of inflowing streams and swamps, […]


Sam Poh Buddhist Temple : Pahang, Malaysia

Sam Poh Buddhist Temple located in Brinchang. It built high on a hill overlooking Brinchang town. Due to its location, the temple has a good view of Brinchang town and […]


Cameron Highlands : Pahang, Malaysia

The Cameron Highlands is one of Malaysia’s most extensive hill stations. It covers an area of 712km², about the size of Singapore, At an elevation from 1135m to 1829m above […]


Niah National Park : Sarawak, Malaysia

Niah National Park is one of Sarawak’s smaller national parks, but it is certainly one of the most important, and has some of the most unusual visitor attractions. The park’s […]